Living Lakes Conference: Balancing our Needs, Protecting our Future


The Living Lakes Conference 2004, Canada


The 9th Living Lakes Conference took place from Sept. 26 to Oct. 2, 2004 in the Columbia River Wetlands in Canada. The conference hosted by the Living Lakes partner organisation East Kootenay Environmental Society (EKES), the District of Invermere and the Global Nature Fund (GNF).

Following, you find the detailed documentation about the 9 Living Lakes Conference as Download.
The conference addressed the following issues by focusing on two key themes:
  • Land and Water Use in Recreational Development
    Managing development and growth to ensure wetlands and lakes are healthy and enjoyable for generations to come.
  • Business and Corporate Social Responsibility for Water Ecosystems
    Recognising that healthy lakes and wetlands are a part of a vibrant economic future, and that accountability for environmentally responsible economic activity rests with business, along with communities and government.
The Living Lakes Conference 2004 set out to:
  • Generate a greater global appreciation for the internationally relevant ecological attributes of the Columbia Wetlands.

  • Create a platform to exchange knowledge and share ideas between international, national and regional delegates on the trends, challenges and best practices of recreational development in lake and wetland regions around the world.

  • Create an opportunity for international, national and regional delegates to discuss the role of business in the ecologically and socially responsible use of water ecosystems.

  • Create an opportunity for Canadian corporations and governments - regional to national - to demonstrate their commitment to protect the ecological integrity of critical waterways, such as the Columbia Wetlands.

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 Photo: Larry Halverson
 Photo: Larry Tooze

Conference Location

In November 2000, the Columbia Wetlands were designated as Canada´s Living Lake. As the backtrop for this important global gathering, the Columbia Wetlands, in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, are one of the longest intact wetlands in North America and are home to thousands of species of animals, birds and plants, some of which are now endangered.