Waterquality and Traditions in Lake Regions


6th Living Lakes Conference at Lake Baikal, Russia


From July 30th to August 3rd 2001, the 6th International Living Lakes Conference took place at Lake Baikal in the Republic of Buryatia. More than 160 participants from 22 nations, numerous journalists as well as high-ranking decision makers and experts from policy, science, economy and non-governmental organisations took part in this conference with the topic "Tradition and Water Quality in Lake Regions". The participants discussed appropriate measures and projects to protect the water quality of Lake Baikal, presented concepts and shared experiences. The Living Lakes partners discussed examples of lake management from their own experience.


For many years the protection of Lake Baikal has been the subject of studies, planning and scientific exchange. Now conclusions are being put into practice to protect Lake Baikal which is a UNESCO world heritage site and is not only one of the oldest, but also the deepest lake of the world. The lake contains almost 20% of the worlds fresh surface water and is one of the water systems with the richest biodiversity in the world. Burjats, Evenks, Russians and other cultural groups have lived in close contact with the lake and with nature for many centuries.

Shamanism, Buddhism and Christianity all have their share of believers among the local population.


The documentation of the conference can be downloaded here or ordered directly from Global Nature Fund (Please enclose 5 Euro or 5 US-$ in cash for postal fees).