GNF - Linking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C)

Linking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C)


Linking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C) is based on the compelling idea that tourism, the industry that benefits so much from protected natural areas, can play the most critical role in ensuring their sustained and effective management world-wide. By identifying and highlighting specific examples, LT&C facilitates the sharing of knowledge, experience and effective practices that mutually benefit tourism and nature conservation in protected areas.


The mission

LT&C is an innovative and effective shared network. It is designed to develop tools and incentives for replication of best practices and examples of sustainable tourism that supports the establishment and management of national parks and other types of protected areas. LT&C works with individuals, businesses, and governments to strengthen the benefits of both sustainable tourism and area protection and management.

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The vision

LT&C envisions a world, where travellers are inspired by experiencing nature and the beauty of natural landscapes. This is supported through a global network of well-managed protected areas that represent the world’s diversity of habitats and ecosystems. Tourism business and individual tourists play a major role in supporting, implementing and sustaining this high quality network of national parks and protected nature areas.


LT&C sees in the Global Nature Fund a competent partner focusing on the protection of lakes and other wetlands. We may highlight together cases, where tourism is supporting the establishment or development of wetland protected areas.


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