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ECOCAMPING e.V. is an initiative for sustainable camping tourism in Europe with focus on the introduction of an Ecocamping Management for the camping site operators. It helps improve the environmental protection, security and quality on camping sites. 


In the course of two consultations, the camping operators are carefully examined. Improvement measures are planned individually for each sector and constitute the basis for the development of the company during the next years. Other requirements e.g. training and staff involvement as well as recording of energy (electricity, heating energy) and water consumption must be met. 


After successful introduction of a management system the companies receive the eco-camping label and are allowed to participate in the ECOCAMPING Network. The aim is to benefit from the exchange of experiences made by other companies and ensure the long term sustainable success of the business. 


Additionally, ECOCAMPING e.V. is active in two other areas:


It awards the „Climate-friendly enterprise“ distinction, which is based on the fulfilment of  28 criteria. They comprise different climate relevant business areas such as supply and use of energy, information of guests.


Additionally, ECOCAMPING e.V. together with camping site operators develops natural leisure offers.  Great importance is attached to pleasure of learning, activity and relaxation for all age groups. The natural and cultural particularities of the area are taken into consideration thus each camping site provides individual nature experience.


Since 2002, ECOCAMPING e.V. is an independent organisation. It originated from a project of the international Lake Constance Foundation, which started in 1998 its consultation activities for camping site operators in the Lake Constance region. Members of the organisation are mostly trade associations and national associations of the camping branch as well as environmental organisations.


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