GNF - THEMES & PROJECTS of the Global Nature Fund

Topics and Projects of the Global Nature Fund

 Business & Biodiverstity

Business & Biodiverstity

Together with companies, the GNF makes biodiversity a natural part of business plans. Whether green company premises or biodiversity criteria for the food industry – the GNF shows the way for resource-saving business.

 Nature Conservation

Nature Conservation

We are committed to species conservation, the preservation of cultural landscapes, and environmental education that gives young people or people with disabilities access to experiencing nature and conveys the value of natural resources.

 Water & Living Lakes

Living Lakes & Water

We want to protect our world's aquatic ecosystems and their basic services, e.g. drinking water resources. To this end, we are connected with partners worldwide to jointly build bridges for the development of sustainably effective projects.

 Development Cooperation & Sustainability

Sustainable Development & Development Cooperation

All around the globe, we support people to improve the quality of life for local communities by promoting sustainable development in agriculture, fisheries, tourism, renewable energy and water use.