GNF - THEMES & PROJECTS of the Global Nature Fund

Themes and Projects of the Global Nature Fund

In 1998, the Global Nature Fund (GNF) founded the Living Lakes Network and since then has been active in the protection and conservation of lakes, wetlands and drinking water resources. With over 100 partner organisations, GNF carries out nature and environmental protection projects around the world in following areas:

 Business & Biodiverstity

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Business & Biodiverstity

For several years, the GNF has been working with businesses to integrate biodiversity preservation into the management strategies. Thereby the GNF supported the private sector in efforts to more sustainably use natural resources with various projects from "greening of company premises" to "biodiversity criteria in environmental management plans".

 Nature Conservation

Nature Conservation

In the branch of “Nature Conservation”, themes like protecting endangered species, and cultural landscapes are revived and redefined. Other priorities include projects focuseing on sustainable development education, human-wildlife conflicts in South Africa, and national park projects in Mongolia.

 Water & Living Lakes

Living Lakes & Water

To protect the aquatic ecosystems around the world, the GNF established the division “Living Lakes and Water”. The goal is to connect people from around the world in order to build a bridge of cooperation for the development of joint projects.

 Development Cooperation & Sustainability

Sustainable Development & Development Cooperation

The work of this unit focuses on improving the quality of life for local communities in developing countries e.g. by promoting sustainable development in agriculture, aquaculture, tourism, housing, renewable energy, and responsible water-use, and improved incomes.