ECOTRANS is a European network of experts and organisations in Tourism, Environment and regional development, who are seeking to promote good practice in the field of sustainable Tourism. The non-profit organisation ECOTRANS e.V. was founded in 1993 at the International Tourism Exchange (ITB) in Berlin.


Central objectives of ECOTRANS are:

  • The link between "ecology" and "economy"
  • The transfer and publication of know-how and hence greater transparency


Members of ECOTRANS are non governmental organisations (NGO''s) and consultants from currently 12 European countries: Germany, Austria, Portugal, Greece, UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. All members are committed to establishing and promoting clear principles for sustainable Tourism development in Europe. ECOTRANS offers partners, clients and sponsors a valuable basis for the development of high-quality tourism, with special regard to the quality of life and the environment, and competitive advantages in international competition.

ECOTRANS coordinates and updates in cooperation with the danish consulting company Rambøll the information plattform for sustainable tourism: DestiNet.


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