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Together for Biodiversity Conservation!

The Global Nature Fund (GNF) works nationally and internationally to promote sustainability, environmental protection, and nature conservation. In addition to requiring the proper know-how, staff, and time, reliable partners—and financial means—are also needed. By working with us, companies and business leaders can actively engage in making an important contribution to sustainably managing and protecting our global environmental resources. There are a number of ways to get actively engaged that include, amongst others, company sponsorships and cooperation measures such as the Biodiversity-Check. Further information on the diverse possibilities for collaboration can be found here.


Your company does not have to be a “global player” or a large national enterprise. Every and any company or business can help support the GNF in achieving environmental and conservation goals because biodiversity is important for all of us!  


There are numerous opportunities for companies to collaborate on projects with the GNF:

  • Biodiversity Check for …

  • Greening and semi-natural conversion of company grounds/facilities.

  • Investments in climate protection and offset projects (with options for CO2-Certificates).

  • Cooperation with the development of business/corporate sustainability strategies.

  • Offers for corporate volunteering: company staff actively works together on nature conservation projects with the GNF and their worldwide partner organizations.

  • Support for endangered species and reforestation projects in Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia.

  • Support for environmental education and youth work at home and abroad.

  • Cooperation in dialogues, forums, and stakeholder engagements.

You and Your Company can profit from:

  • A strong and experienced partner with nationally and internationally established networks of NGOs.

  • Personalized and individual consultation and support.

  • Support in building partnerships with NGOs.

  • Cost saving through the use of environmental/green markets.

  • Individualized tips for integrating biodiversity into your environmental management system.

  • An improved reputation, increased credibility, and more popularity for your company in the public opinion.

  • Increased staff and customer satisfaction.

  • A stronger national and international image for your company or business.

Get Active Now – We are happy to support and advise you!

By forming a cooperative partnership with the GNF, you will be making a significant contribution to sustainably preserving and protecting the environment and biodiversity while also combating poverty in less developed countries, making the connection between your business and social values.

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