GNF - Become a Member

How to become a member of Living Lakes?


Terms of Reference for membership of the Living Lakes Network


Members should:

  • Declare their agreement with the Living Lakes vision and mission.

  • Participate in the Living Lakes Conferences and other events and activities.

  • Produce an annual progress report on their area.

  • Seek active co-operation with other Living Lakes partners and associates.

  • Support Global Nature Fund in the development of the Living Lakes website, participate where possible in working groups and contribute to publications (book, journals, etc.) where appropriate.

  • Contribute towards the successful achievement of the Living Lakes mission and vision.

  • Encourage the exchange of volunteers, staff and other stakeholders within the communities of the Living Lakes partnership.

  • Support and promote environmental education and the better understanding of lake and wetland areas.

If you are interested in becomming a member of the Living Lakes Network, please fill in the application form and send it back to us.