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Future e.V.

Since its foundation in 1986, future e.V. is committed to improving the operational environmental protection in businesses. In co-operation with the member companies and partners from science and politics, future e.V. develops practical implementation concepts and instruments. Projects, events, discussions and workshops, organised by future e.V. deal with current and future environmental management requirements and develop new ways. This also applies for the guiding principle of "sustainability", which was adopted in Rio in 1992 together with the world wide action programme Agenda 21. Since 1999, the Global Nature Fund is a member of this environmental initiative of businesses.


future e.V. activities include the application of Eco-Audit, awarding of environmental prizes, the implementation of environmental and quality management as well as environmental cost accounting. The magazine "Unternehmen und Umwelt" (Enterprise and Environment) is published quarterly.


future e.V. has the following aims:

  • To seize the challenges of environment and society and convert them into business chances. 
  • To thematize the change in structures and offer the members orientation and support.
  • To develop practical concepts for sustainable economy.
  • To organise the exchange of experience concerning sustainable economy topics (net-work).
  • To inform about new developments in the field of "sustainability".
  • To cultivate contacts with politics and science.


Future e.V. – Environmental Initiative of Enterprises

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