Association of German Foundations

Association of German Foundations

Since 1948, the Association of German Foundations has represented the interests of German foundations vis-à-vis the public, politicians and public authorities. Its purpose is to spread the foundation idea and concept and to support the amendment of the general framework of the foundation law and tax law. Manifold projects, seminars, conferences and publications help to encourage the dialog and provide an insight into the foundation system. As umbrella organisation with approximately 3,000 members (as at June 2008) the Association of German Foundations coordinates the services of the Network of German Foundations, updates the index, establishes the register of German foundations and supports together with the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft (German Science Foundation) the German StiftungsAkademie (German Foundation Academy).


Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen e. V. (Association of German Foundations)
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