GNF - Living Lake of the Year 2015

Living Lake of the Year 2015
Lake Schwerin is Home for White-Tailed Eagles & Co.


The romance of Lake Schwerin attracts many recreational users. However, this local retreat should not turn into a huge amusement park. The lake should remain a refuge for nature and people. For this purpose, we have started an action group. With the distinction of “Living Lake of the Year 2015”, we draw attention to the necessary conservation measures needed at Lake Schwerin and campaign for Germany’s lakes.

Conservation measures include ensuring a sufficient amount of open shorelines. A study of the lake’s current nutrient load needs to be conducted. Plans for new water park establishments and the construction of residential areas near the lake need to be assessed and modified according to their projected environmental impacts.

 Schwerin: Castle and lake

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Partner Organisations

BUND Landesverband Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Ortsgruppe Schwerin
Wismarsche Straße 152
19053 Schwerin, Germany
Phone: +49 - (0)385 - 52 13 39 - 0


Naturschutzstation Zippendorf e.V.
Am Strand 9
19063 Schwerin, Germany