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Fair Rubber e.V.


Global Nature Fund (GNF) promotes ecological and fair farming practises all over the world. Furthermore, GNF supports the private sector in establishing business models and sourcing policies which contribute to the sustainable use of resources – including natural. Hence, in 2016 Global Nature Fund became a member of the Fair Rubber Association.


The Fair Rubber Association was founded on June 21st 2012 as a multi-stakeholder initiative. This means that it is a platform of co-operation between companies which trade in products made with Fairly Traded natural rubber on the one hand, while on the other there are representatives of the civil society which support the expansion of the concept of Fair Trade for rubber products.


The main tool of the Fair Rubber Association is the Fair Rubber logo, which is displayed on products which comply with the criteria for Fair Trade with natural rubber.


The Fair Rubber Association monitors, in particular, the payment of the Fair Trade premium, the decision-making process on how this premium is to be spent and the implementation of those decisions. The Fair Rubber Association also supports its producer partner in achieving FSC® certification.

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 Fair Rubber e.V.