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The scientific community considers the lost of biodiversity to be the largest challenge of our time second only to climate change. Many companies are reacting appropriately by analyzing and managing the complex relationships between their economic activity and the resulting impacts it has on the environment. However, they often brush against the limits of their own ability to implement needed change because of the complexity of various interconnected systems.


The cooperation of companies with nongovernmental organizations such as the GNF is therefore an important step for strengthening the integration of biodiversity knowledge and understanding into company management, thereby protecting biodiversity in the long-run as the base for economic development.


The GNF is moving forward by establishing good and trust-based cooperative relationships with various stakeholders (agencies, companies, and foundations) in the development of future-oriented and transferable solutions for these contemporary challenges. With a diverse array of collaborators, we can develop profitable models and action plans that will benefit economic activity as well as the environment and its natural resources. Come and participate!


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EU "Business & Biodiversity“ Campaign

Companies from all branches of industry are dependent upon ecosystem services. This gives them many opportunities to develop positive trends by changing management practices in order to reduce negative impacts on the environment. You can find industry specific information covering risks, costs, best practices examples, and factsheets about biodiversity integration and management by clicking here.

Biodiversity Check

An ideal starting point for companies and businesses wishing to integrate biodiversity into their management strategies is an initial orientation offered by the GNF in the form of a Biodiversity-Check. This check includes tests that determine — according to EMAS III and ISO 14001 standards — what impacts certain company operations, production facilities, and products/processes have on biodiversity. Potential risks and opportunities are also indicated in the Biodiversity Check.  

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GNF – A Strong Partner

With several years of experience and success in numerous collaborative projects, the Global Nature Fund is a strong partner to have on your side when implementing innovative environmental and conservation projects worldwide. Our strengths are especially developed in: 

  • The development of management concepts and environmental measures for sustainable water conservation, tourism, agriculture, restoration, and renewable energy.
  • Creating networks and offering contacts to nature conservation organizations and environmental experts in more than 40 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America.
  • The coordination of dialogues and forums for companies, government agencies, and environmental groups.


 Drinking Water in Ivory Coast.
 Tree Nursery in Sri Lanka in the Frame of the Mangrove Restoration Project.
 Udo Gattenloehner

Udo Gattenlöhner

Executive Director

GNF Office Radolfzell 

Phone: +49 7732 99 95 870


 Stefan Hörmann

Stefan Hörmann

Vice Director, Head of Business and Biodiversity

GNF Office Bonn 

Phone: +49 228 184 86 94 11