GNF - EU-Russia Civil Society Forum

EU-Russia Civil Society Forum


The EU-Russia Civil Society Forum is a network of non-governmental organizations of different work focuses from Russia and the European Union. As a citizens' initiative in March 2011 in Prague established, the forum is independent of any government, political parties and companies. In summer 2016, the forum consists of 156 members, 59 of them come from the EU, 85 from Russia and twelve are international organizations.


The goal of the forum is to strengthen the cooperation between civil society organizations and to promote the integration between Russia and the EU based on common values such as pluralist democracy, rule of law, human rights and social justice.


The forum serves its members as a platform to articulate common positions, to offer support and solidarity as well as to influence the state and interstate relations by citizens. These objectives are pursued through the cooperation of members in joint projects, research and lobbying; performed in public debate and dialogue with decision makers and supported by personal exchange.


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