GNF - Activities of the B&B Campaign

Activities of the Business and Biodiversity Campaign


The provision of information on the importance of biodiversity and its conservation to decision makers is an essential part of the European Business and Biodiversity Campaign. Target region are the EU States, with special emphasis on Germany, the Netherlands and Spain.


Biodiversity management – Learning from business advocates

Regional biodiversity forums – Business commitment in the region


NGOs will also be informed on methods to evaluate a company’s biodiversity activities.

Partnerships for biodiversity between business and NGOs


The campaign will be supported by a cross-media communication approach. This includes:

  • A Web 2.0 homepage under:
  • Articles in European print and online media
  • Supplements in the magazine Forum CSR international
  • Campaign film and internet trailer
  • Flyer, presence at fairs, exhibitions
  • Conduction of sector-spanning European “Business and Biodiversity” event in the context of the CSR Forum EnviComm 2012 in Stuttgart, Germany.
 La Nava in Spain
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