GNF - Business advocates of the B&B Campaign

Biodiversity management – Learning from business advocates


Using a business to business approach, advocates from the private sector will share their experiences in biodiversity management within their respective sectors. Supported by the campaign consortium, these company advocates will collect and present experiences and best practices in workshops in relation to the use and conservation, of biodiversity. “Biodiversity Taster Workshops” for five sectors, followed by three in depth sector specific information seminars, will be offered from the second half of 2010 until the end of 2012. On the corporate level, the campaign consortium will offer a basic biodiversity assessment which will provide an indication on the companies’ dependence and impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services.



Advocates from the business sector will share their experience in biodiversity management within their sectors


Target group

Companies including small and medium enterprises and business associations from the food industry, finance, tourism, extractive, construction, as well as companies from industry sectors with only indirect interdependence via the supply chain, such as the electronics industry.


Overview of activities

  • Development of criteria for the inclusion of biodiversity into environmental management systems (EMAS, ISO 14001)
  • Four workshops for environmental auditors.
  • Five “Taster Workshops” organized and coordinated in cooperation with pioneering companies
  • Three in-depth seminars for each business sector
  • Basic step-in-biodiversity checks for interested companies
 Talks during coffee break
 Business leaders during a conference on Business and Biodiversity 2008 in Bonn.