GNF - NGO Cooperations at the B&B Campaign

Partnerships for biodiversity between business and NGOs


Establishing partnerships between NGOs and the private sector is a complex and sensitive process. In order to unlock the benefits of such partnerships and to build trust among the different stakeholders, a series of workshops will start in 2010 to discuss critical success factors for biodiversity partnerships. Key elements to be covered are: a shared vision, up to date information in biodiversity standards, indicators and instruments, communication needs and limiting factors for cooperation. The aim of this activity is to stimulate win-win solutions in biodiversity conservation and sustainable development through the establishment of partnerships between companies, NGOs and other stakeholders.



Provision of information for NGOs on current developments in the field of „Business and Biodiversity. Identification of success factors for the initiation of partnerships between companies and NGOs.


Target group

Regional, national and European NGOs.


Overview of activities

  • Surveys among NGOs on their experiences on cooperations
  • Four workshops for NGOs (of which one will be held in a Eastern European Member State)

 Great  crested  grebe
 Great  crested  grebe with clutch and pup.