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Kärcher is a company headquartered in in Winnenden, Germany, offering cleaning equipment for universal use in and around the house. Wide product range of efficient cleaning equipment for private use – from high pressure washers to watering ranges.


Sustainability has tradition at Kärcher. The third pillar for sustainable company development, in addition to economic and social aspects, is environmental protection (preservation of resources and nature) which played a key role at Kärcher already in the 1970''s. Kärcher includes suppliers in their activities, who are required to strictly adhere to the Kärcher code of conduct.


In sommer 2012 Karcher and GNF have started a project in Latinamerica aiming at improving the water quality and water situation. In the framework of the campaign „Clean Water for the World“, sewage treatment plants on the basis of constructed wetlands are being bulid. The so called "Green Filters" purify waste water by using natural plants such as reed or bullrush.

Until 2016, another three green filter plants will be built in Colombia, in order to purify efficiently and cost-effectively the waste water produced on site.


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In the frame of the campaign "Clean Water for the World", more green filter plants will be implemented in Mexico, Nicaragua, the Philippines and South Africa, to ensure the purification of domestic wastewater in smaller communities.


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In Summer 2013, in the community of San Miguel de Sema, Colombia, a first green filter system was realized, which reliably cleans the domestic wastewater.


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