GNF - Green Filter in Colombia

Green Filter for Wastewater Treatment


25 July 2017


The GNF project "Green Filter - Innovative and cost-effective systems for sewage treatment" is nominated as National Winner of the Energy Globe Award Colombia.

 National Energy Globe Award Colombia

Handbook (December 2016)

Filtros Verdes - Agua limpia para Colombia

(in Spanish and English, 35 MB)


Article (Magazine Everything About Water, September 2015)

Combination of Wastewater Treatment with environmental Protection

by Julia Peréz Sillero, Global Nature Fund

 Handbook "Filtros Verdes - Agua limpia para Colombia"

Green Filters in Colombia: Project and Construction Measures in April 2015


Green Filters in Colombia: Project and Construction Measures in March 2015


Green Filter Projects Colombia: Project and Construction Measures in January and February 2015


Green Filter Projects Colombia: Project and Construction Measures in December 2014


Project Goals

  • Implementation of three pilot Green Filter systems in Colombia (innovative constructed wetlands) in order to improve sanitation and hygiene situation
  • Immediate improvement of the living conditions of poorer population groups in the three pilot communities (Cuítiva, Fúquene, Susa) in rural areas of Colombia


Lake Fúquene (3,260 ha) is a shallow lake with a great endemic biodiversity. It provides water supply for 200,000 people, cattle and agriculture, and sustains fishing and rush extraction activities. Loss of water capacity, exotic fish introduction, eutrophication, contamination, and aquatic macrophytes infestations are its principal threats. Currently there is no protection status.


Lake Tota is the largest of Colombia’s lakes; it holds 2,000 million cubic meters of water, providing water to nearly 500,000 people in the region. The lake was designated an Important Bird Area (IBA) site in 2008, and has had 116 bird species recorded since 2003, 7 of them endemic, and some endangered or at risk of extinction at an international level. The flow of untreated wastewater represents a potential threat to the ecological integrity of the wetland.

 Susa: Pipiline from the village to the green filter
 Susa: Excavation and construction of the desander, sifting and inlet sampling well
 Susa: Channel excavation
 April 2015: The green filter in Susa is nearly finish.





Size of the Green Filter (m²)














Project Sponsorship

The project is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and donations, including donors such as Kärcher and Stiftung Ursula Merz.

The work of the Fundación Humedales
is supported by Sika

 German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
 Clean Water for the World - Capaign of Kärcher

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GREEN FILTERS – Innovative & cost-efficient systems for water purification benefitting people and the environment in Colombia


September 2014 - December 2016




German Federal Ministry for Economic Coooperation and Development (BMZ)


Kärcher, Stiftung Ursula Merz and Sika


Fundación Humedales