GNF - Wilo-Foundation



In January 2011, the entrepreneur Dr.-Ing. E. h. Jochen Opländer and his three children established the Wilo-Foundation. Within that process, most of the shares of WILO SE that previously have been owned by the family were transferred to the foundation. WILO SE is an internationally operating producer of pumps and pumping systems that has been founded by Caspar Ludwig Opländer, the great-grandfather of Jochen Opländer, and is managed by the family for four generations now.


In accordance with the founders’ intentions, projects focussing on future-related topics like water, the environment & technology, talent promoting, international understanding and regional responsibility are supported.


For the implementation of its project “Drinking Water in rural Regions in Colombia”, the GNF receives financial support from the Wilo-Foundation since 2015.


More information on the Wilo-Foundations’ commitment can be found at

 Logo of the Wilo-Foundation
 San Miguel de Sema, Colombia