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In the framework of the expansion of the European Union, projects focusing on the environment, nature and developing countries are being promoted in order to better the environmental policy of the EU in the long run.

To date, four Global Nature Fund projects that are still in action have been supported.

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Learning for Lakes (2011–2013)

The implementation of the project, during two years, is carried out in the UK, Germany, Poland, Spain and Hungary. The project is supported by the EU-Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci.

Further information about the project …


get grEEN – Environmental Education Network (2010–2012)

The two years during project is implemented in Germany, Poland and Spain. The project is supported by the EU-Lifelong Learning Programme Grundtvig.

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EU "Business & Biodiversity“ Campaign (2010–2013)

The campaign had a duration of three years and started on January 1, 2010. It was coordinated by the Global Nature Fund with companies that integrate biodiversity in their business strategies and advocate for its preservation.

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Asia Pro-Eco II B Post Tsunami Program (2005–2008)

The Global Nature Fund, together with the Nagenaniru Foundation and the EMACE Foundation, its partner organizations in the Madampe and Maduganga wetlands and Lake Bolgoda in Sri Lanka, had taken steps to promote the reforestation of mangroves, the training of locals in traditional handicrafts along with better agricultural practices, environmental education measures and new fishing methods. 

Further information about the project.

EU IEE-Project (2005–2006)

The goal of this project was a conference focusing on the use of renewable energy like the harnessing of solar energy.

Further information about the Solar Lakes Conference in September 2006.


EU LIFE Project (2002–2004)

The goals of the Project “Living Lakes: Long-term Management of Wetlands and Lakes” were realized in the La Nava and Boada wetlands in Spain and Nestos Lakes in Greece from 2002 to 2004. 

Further information and documentation of the project.

 Mangrove nursery in Sri Lanka