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Clean Water for the World – Green Filter for Waste Water Treatment


Article (Magazine Everything About Water, September 2015)

Combination of Wastewater Treatment with environmental Protection

by Julia Peréz Sillero, Global Nature Fund

Project Goals

  • Implementation of innovative Green Filter systems (constructed wetlands) in order to protect the environment & improve the sanitation and hygiene situation
  • Improvement of the living conditions of poorer population groups in the communities





In close co-operation with our partner organization Corazón de la Tierra, a green filter will be constructed in the community of San Andres Ixtlán (approx. 5,000 inhabitants). The community is situated in the south of Laguna de Chapala and in the north of Lake Zapotlán, a small lake (1,100 ha), internationally recognized by RAMSAR. The green filter will have a cleaning area of 8,000 m² and will be put in operation at the end of 2015.



At Lake Sampaloc in San Pablo City, this Green Filter that was finished in 2015 cleans parts of the sewage of surrounding households. This Green Filter is working as "floating wetlands".

A second Green Filter will be realsied by the Society for the Protection of Philippine Wetlands in 2016.


South Africa

In December 2015, Wildlands Conservation Trust started the construction of a Green Filter in the community of Stellenbosch at the Plankenbrug River. This project was finished in March 2016.

Press Release of our Project Partner (15 March 2016)

 Clean Water for the World - Capaign of Kärcher
 Construction measures in San Andres Ixtlán (Mexico)
 Excavation measures in San Andres Ixtlán (Mexico)
 Green Filter - floating platforms in the Sampaloc Lake (Philippines).
 Green Filter at Plankenbrug River in South Africa (March 2016)
 Green filter at Plankenbrug River in South Africa

Project Duration:


Project Countries: 


Project Partner:





Implemenation Partners:


January 2015 - April 2016


Mexico, Nicaragua, Philippines, South Africa


Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG in the framework of the Program “Clean Water for the World”


Sika and Stiftung Ursula Merz (Philippines, South Africa)


Corazón de la Tierra (Mexico)

Friends of Seven Lakes Foundation (Philippines)

Society for the Protection of Philippine Wetlands (Philippines)

Wildlands Conservation Trust (South Africa)