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Lake Constance – Germany, Switzerland, Austria


Background Lake Constance

Lake Constance is the second largest freshwater lake in Central Europe.


3.9 million people live, work and relax in the Lake Constance region covering an area of about 12,500 square kilometres. 4.5 million people drink Lake Constance water, and up to 50,000 boats are based on the lake.


In spite of a wide variety of human activities, Lake Constance has preserved a natural landscape with rich biological diversity. About 200,000 water birds rest or hibernate in the region. These include about 80,000 Tufted Ducks, 50,000 Pochards, and 7,000 Great Crested Grebes. The water of Lake Constance is teeming with fish - 26 different species live there.

 Shoreline of Lake Constance
 Common Tern

Partner of Living Lakes: Bodensee-Stiftung

Partner of Living Lakes is the Lake Conctance Foundation, a private environmental and nature conservation organization. Around 20 experts from various disciplines work together with different external partners on a project-oriented basis - for more sustainability and nature conservation in the international Lake Constance region and beyond.

Its activities focus on the areas of energy transition, agriculture & food, nature & water protection and business & biodiversity. The Lake Constance Foundation was founded in 1994 by nature conservation organizations from the countries bordering Lake Constance. 


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 Zahlreiche Segelboote sind in der Hochsaison auf dem See.


Partner Organisation Lake Constance

Lake Constance Foundation (Bodensee-Stiftung)

Contact persons: Marion Hammerl, Patrick Trötschler

Fritz-Reichle-Ring 4

78315 Radolfzell, Germany

Phone: +49 7732 9995 40

Fax: +49 7732 9995 49



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Evaluation on Lakeshore Conservation Lake Constance

The Working Group for the Lake Constance Shore together with the Lake Constance Foundation and Global Nature Fund have published an Evaluation System for Lakeshore Conservation and Water Body Protection using Lake Constance as an example: