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Kolindsund Wetlands – Denmark


Background Kolindsund Wetlands

The Kolindsund Wetlands is a part of a sound (Djursland), located in the middle of Jutland in Denmark and embedded in an agricultural area. Djursland is situated along one of the 3 important migratory routes along the coasts of Denmark. It is filled with moors, meadows, small lakes and ponds. Kolindsund is a sub-sea level area. The lowest points are approximately four meters below DNN (Danish Normal Null). In summer 1874 it was decided to drain the lake completely for agricultural purposes. A main drainage canal was built and the total draining of the lake began.


As of now the site has no protection status. The lake is completely drained and kept dry at extensive pumping costs. The area is used for agriculture. However more and more of the old bottom of the lake are given up because of settings in the organic matter of the lake bottom. A large part of the lake, approximately a fourth, has more or less been given up, due to the farmer`s inability to keep the land dry enough for farming.

Since April 2011

Co-operation betweeen Friend of Kolindsund and Aarhus School of Architecture



  • Lowering of the ground water level in the surrounding areas
  • Concentration of Nitrate
  • Untreated waste water
  • Rising of the salty ground water beneath the lake



Kolindsund Wetlands are the living space for a variety of birds and fish. 178 different bird species live there, like the Sky Lark, European Golden Plover, Tundra Swan, Black-headed Gull, Red-necked Grebe and White-tailed Eagle.


In the following pdf data you find the detailed list of the bird species living in the Kolindsund Wetlands.

 Flooded Areas Kolindsund Wetlands
 North Canal Kolindsund Wetlands
 Pump station Kolindsund Wetlands
 Landscape Kolindsund Wetlands
 Kolindsund Wetlands

Project measures Kolindsund Wetlands

The objective of the organisation Kolindsunds Venner (Friends of Kolindsund) is the restoration of reed swamps and the reestablishment of the lake. Approximately 100 hectares has evolved into reed swamps since 1967 and this development continues with an increasing speed. Once Kolindsund is re-established it will become rapidly one of the most important migratory birds nesting sites in Denmark.

The organisation's lobbying work in recent years has raised the awareness of politicians and also the population to renaturalise Lake Kolindsund and its surrounding wetlands. In the meantime, satisfactory wastewater treatment is functioning and water withdrawal has also been reduced. Only the nitrate concentration is still above the required limit.

The goal is to renaturalise Lake Kolindsund within the next ten years and to integrate it into a new national park.

 Inflow Kolindsund Wetlands
 Willow Tit
 Common Redshank
 Black-tailed Godvit
All photos by Jesper Nielsen.


Partner Organisation Kolindsund Wetlands

Kolindsunds Venner – Friends of Kolindsund

Jesper Nielsen, Chairman

Laerkevej 2; Ryomgaard, Denmark

Phone: + 45 86 39 - 43 18



This NGO was founded in March 1999. Its purpose is the restoration of the Kolindsund Wetlands and the reestablishment of the lake.
 Kolindsund Venner