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Background Nestos Lakes and Lagoons

The 18 small Nestos Lakes and 8 brackish Lagoons are part of the large Nestos Delta, located in northeast Greece, about 200 km to the east of Thessaloniki. More than 320 species of birds, many rare reptiles and fresh water fish are living in or around the lakes and lagoons. 72 of the recorded birds are on the Red List. Rare species lile the Spur-winged Plover, the White-tailed and the Spotted Eagle breed here and the Pygmy Cormorant – the smallest existing cormorant, Spotted Eagle, as well as Dalmatian Pelican can be see regularly during the migratory period. Other rare species of the Nestos Delta are the Golden Jackal and the Otter.

Intensive agriculture is one of the greatest threats to these precious wetlands. Farmers pump off large quantities of water to irrigate their fields. Reparcelling of the agricultural land has negative effects to this area as well. Due to agricultural EU-subsidies more land is cultivated. The excessive use of fertilisers and pesticides in the delta region is causing big problems, and the water quality of the lagoons and lakes deteriorates constantly.


Project measures Nestos Lakes and Lagoons 

EPO (Society for Protection of Nature and Ecodevelopment), our partner in Greece is working hard for the protection, management and sustainable development, collaborating with state services, authorities and other stakeholders for a better future of the Nestos region. Recently EPO is involved in EU supported Life projects for the management of the wetlands, creating buffer zones, vegetated filter strips, re-connection of old river branches, reforestation of riparian forest, construction of breeding islets for terns and other waterbirds, as well as setting up a feeding scheme for vultures. A ecodourism development plan with a series of nature trails, observation platforms and other infrastructures are being constructed.

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