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Natural lakes and wetlands with their water catchment areas as well as artificial lakes such as quarry ponds, water reservoirs or post-mining landscapes are among the most important and most threatened habitats in Germany. They are affected by fertilisers and pesticides from the agriculture and untreated waste water, impacted by bank stabilization, over-cultivated by settlement, water sports and fishery and sometimes even drained. In many lake regions, projects to reduce environmental impacts have already been successfully carried out.

The network Living Lakes Germany will serve as a platform for the exchange of experiences and the knowledge transfer. Model projects to support sustainable development in lake regions will be jointly developed and implemented. Further key activities include information, sensitisation and motivation of citizens, relevant stakeholders and media.

On September 15, 2009, the network Living Lakes Germany started with a kick-off meeting at Lake Starnberg. The first common measures are an alluvial forest project and measures to promote bloomy bee pastures at Lake Constance.


The actors and bestselling authors Michaela Merten and Pierre Franckh support the network as patrons of  “Living Lakes Germany”. The network started with seven partner lakes and six further potential partner lakes in Germany. Renowned organisations such as the Deutsche Olympische Sportbund (German Olympic Sport´s Alliance), German Environmental Aid (Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V.), as well as the Institut für Seenforschung in Langenargen (Institute for Lake Research in Langenargen) have joined the network.


At the moment, the network comprises associations representing 10 German lakes and 5 further organisations dealing with lake protection and conservation all over Germany.


Claudia Roth, member of the German Bundestag, welcomes the foundation of the network and emphasises the importance of intact lakes in Germany in her welcome speech.

Long-term aims

The network will facilitate continuous exchange of experiences between stakeholders of different lake regions. For this purpose, forums for lake and climate protection as well as for the support of biological biodiversity were established. In addition, the network will intensify the cooperation with water sport and fishery associations.


Wilo-Foundation and Deutschland Achter are project sponsors

The network is supported by the Wilo-Foundation and the Deutschland Achter.

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 Deutschland Achter
 Photo of the foundation event in September 2009

The foundation members of the network “Living Lakes Germany” with both patrons Michaela Merten and Pierre Franckh.



 Deutschland Achter

Further information on several lakes as well as the partner organisations in situ is available at separate pages, currently only in German.


Events and recordings


World Wetlands Day 2021 – Threatened Lake Areas

2 February 2021

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