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Final Conference 2004

EU-LIFE Project  "Sustainable Management of Wetlands and Shallow Lakes"


The final conference took place from 28 to 30 October 2004 in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constnce, Germany. This conference focused on the implementation of a wetland restoration project, its measures and activities as well successes and problems. Case studies from other areas completed the conference. The conference participants had the opportunity to learn about the possibilities and limits of successful partnerships.

The conference steered towards all institutions and organisations with a stake in the development, protection and use of wetlands catchments, including community leaders, wetland managers and planners, agriculture, nature conservation and tourism experts as well as local businesses.

The conference was conducted in English. German information material were provided.

Due to the support of the EU Commission the conference could be offered free of charge. Participants had to cover their own accommodation expenses. The costs for lunch and dinner were discounted in site.


The conference was supported by the city Friedrichshafen.

The Reader of the EU-Life Final Conference you find as Download.
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