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The last Chance for the Jordan River – Saving a World’s Heritage!


Everyone knows the Jordan as a sacred site, where, for example, John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ. Today, however, the murky and muddy water is a sad evidence for the river’s pitiful state. Only a massive influx of freshwater could save this historical site. Is the Jordan already beyond remedy?


We intend to expand our set of measures for the implementation of the Master Plan, such as:

  • Further awareness raising for the Master Plan in Europe and the Middle East
  • Strengthening the implementation process through the establishment of an independent international commission for the Jordan River
  • Evaluation and adjustment of restoration measures

Masterplan unveiled

The Global Nature Fund, EcoPeace and a range of scientists have worked on a study about saving the Jordan for the past three years. The European Union funded this exemplary cooperation, which resulted in the public release of a Master Plan for the Jordan’s water management in Israel, Jordan and Palestine on the 10th on June, 2015. Now it is time for implementation.


Is there a Solution to the Jordan’s Problems?

After 250 kilometer the sacred river flows into the Dead Sea, where water levels have been decreasing rapidly in the past years, while the river itself is hardly better off. 98 % of its water is currently being drained, 50 % by Israel and almost the whole other half by Syria and Jordan. On top of that, the river is being used as a sewage canal. More and more garbage, especially plastic, can be found in the riverbed. Besides, intensive goat grazing agriculture along its shores causes erosion and the loss of riverside vegetation.


Dramatic Loss of Biodiversity 

Millions of migratory bird species like the White Stork need ecologically intact rest areas. The Common Otter is dependent on a healthy river ecosystem as well. However, more than half of the Jordan’s biodiversity is already destroyed. For recovering as an ecosystem and a natural source of water, the Jordan needs 400 to 600 million cubic meters of clean water per year. Providing that alone will require roughly 32 million US-Dollar.


A Plan gives Hope

With 127 realistic measures, such as modernization of pipeline systems, the use of smart green houses, and water saving technology for private households and tourism projects, the new study presents ways to help the Jordan River. Donors and investors for these investments have already been found. Furthermore, in places like Palestine, where political circumstances prevent such involvement, our Green Filter Plants can provide initial help.


Building Pressure

With our Master Plan we call for political liability for saving the Jordan. Future prospects for the whole region will be pretty gloomy otherwise. Water scarcity is going to further exacerbate the already tense political situation in the area. Therefore, saving the Jordan means peace building as well.

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