GNF - Drinking Water Projects in Africa

Clean Drinking Water is a human Right

What is taken for granted in Europe is a great gift elsewhere: access to clean drinking water. Especially in Africa, many people depend on support to survive. Help and the smile of Angel Koua Yaba is for you!

Every amount helps!

Every amount helps us to repair wells and pumps in the Ivory Coast, Malawi and South Africa. The cost of materials depends on the existing infrastructure and pumping capacity. Usually 2.500 Euro are enough for a well. For this we need for example:

    • Pipe clamps and screws
      Your Support: 25 Euro
    • Piping material
      Your Support: 50 Euro
    • Training on hygiene measures for 200 people
      Your Support: 100 Euro
    • Water tank
      Your Support: 250 Euro

Help us to repair more pumps and wells in African countries with a donation!

The success story must continue!

With the help of the Bundesliga club Hannover 96 and dedicated fans of Hannover 96, we have been able to put over 130 groundwater pumps in Ivory Coast, South Africa and other countries in Africa back into operation since 2011 with the "Drinking cups for drinking water" campaign. Together with our partner organization ADER (Action pour le Developpement et l'Encadrement Rural), we are repairing pumps and wells in needy villages in the Montagnes district of the Ivory Coast. This decentralized water supply makes daily life easier for the local residents and ensures access to groundwater that is not harmful to health.


Until now, women and girls in particular have had to travel long distances to draw surface water from streams, rivers or water points, which is often contaminated with germs and poses a threat to people's health. Our manually operated pumps are surrounded by a protective wall and a lockable gate so that the villagers can safely cover their water needs during opening hours. A water committee manages the income from the moderate water delivery and thus ensures necessary repairs and maintenance.

A well means help for an entire village.

In 2019 alone, we repaired a total of ten pumps with ADER in the communities of Thè, Bielé, Kandopleu, Gbonbelo, Doué and Guéfensso, which now supply 12,660 villagers with fresh groundwater. In Thè, at the beginning of 2019, numerous villagers fell ill because of the contaminated water, and a little girl died. In 2020 another three pumps were repaired in the villages of Gouine, Douholé and Ditomba, so that another 4,500 people are supplied with groundwater.


The young mother Angel Koua Yaba from the village Bouaffoukro in the Ivory Coast is happy:

"We now have clean water because the well pump is finally working. Thanks to "Drinking water for Africa" we are doing much better and I am especially happy that I can give my children water to drink with a good feeling".

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 Drinking water is quality of life.
 The construction and repair of the well and pump system is being carried out in close cooperation with the village water committee.
 Children at a water pump in the Ivory Coast.
 The daily distances for water supply are very short thanks to the new village well.
 Fresh water from the village well is available to all inhabitants thanks to the campaign "Drinking cups for drinking water".
 Angel Koua Yaba
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