GNF - Bees, butterflies & other insects need our help!

Bees, butterflies & other insects need our help!

Not only on 20 May – World Bee Day.


For the fourth time, this day, which was established by the United Nations in December 2017, will take place on 20 May 2021. It is dedicated not only to our bees, but to all pollinating insects.


Quiet and dramatic

Insect mortality has increased dramatically over the past ten years. Up to two thirds, some studies speak of 70 %, of the biomass of flying insects has decreased, including many species of wild bees and bumblebees. With their pollination performance of 80 % of our native plants, they are enormously important for maintaining the diversity and yields of many crops. Despite this key role, flowering plants are in poor health. Honey bee colonies do not survive the winter and half of the wild bee and butterfly species are endangered.

Numerous causes

The dramatic decline in pollinating insects is mainly attributed to the expansion of intensive agriculture and climate change. However, the loss of natural habitats due to construction measures, recreational areas and monotonous gardens is also part of this.

The consequences affect all

Not only beekeepers, but also many fruit and vegetable farmers are affected by the steady decline in pollinating insects. In China, for example, fruit plantations are already pollinated by hand. Fruit and vegetables, even chocolate and coffee, could become scarce and thus expensive. Medicinal plants and plants for the extraction of natural fibres are also affected by the extinction of pollinators. And finally, this development also endangers other animal species, including our native songbirds.

What exactly can you and we do?

With 10 Euro we can inform about practical help for our insects.


With 30 Euro you can help to improve the food supply and habitat quality for our pollinating insects.


With 80 Euro you help us to organize workshops with farmers, trade, beekeepers and flowering initiatives.


With 120 Euro you will help to convert a total of 600 hectares in seven pilot regions into insect-friendly habitats.

Support our project measures with your donation.

Donation Account

GLS-Bank Bochum

IBAN: DE 53 4306 0967 8040 4160 00


Key Word: Bees & Co. - Species protection

With your help we can create insect-friendly regions with our project partners, as well as,

  • educate farmers, food companies and consumers on the subject and better market insect-friendly products.
  • implement tailor-made action plans to protect insects and biodiversity and transfer them to other EU regions.
  • provide advice to pilot farms to serve as role models for others and advance the project's objectives.
  • increase habitat quality by 30 % and insect occurrence in the improved habitats by 50 %.

Only together can we change things. Farms can launch pollination initiatives and switch to more insect-friendly production methods.


Less use of fertilizers and pesticides improves soil quality and thus plant diversity. Consumers can give preference to insect-friendly products and support farmers and beekeepers in their region.


Trade can commit itself to more fairness among producers and to species protection. With our "insect-friendly regions" project, we want to launch an initiative that takes all these groups into account.

 Bestäubende Insekten brauchen unsere Unterstützung.
 Insect Hotel
 Domestic gardens, traffic islands and company premises can be colourful and flowery.
 Variety of flowers
 Information along the path to the flowering areas
 Insect hotel in a rape field
 Butterflies also find it increasingly difficult and rare to find flowering areas.
 Oases of peace, surrounded by colourful flowers - a paradise for man and nature

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We thank you very much for your support.


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