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Paliastomi Lake – Georgia


Background Paliastomi Lake

The Paliastomi Lake is located at the eastern coast of the Black Sea, 10 km south-east of Poti City, at a sea level between - 0,3 and 2 m. The Paliastomi Lake is the largest of over 40 other smaller lakes in the ecologically important and fragile Kolkheti Wetland complex. The wetland area harbors a lot of waterfowl (especially at the eastern coast of the Paliastomi Lake), rare endemic plants, and many water-associated amphibians, reptiles, and mammals.

The Paliastomi Lake covers a surface of 17.3 sq. km, its maximum depth measures 3.2 m. In the past, the salinity content was 2,2 g/l, today it varies between 12 and 13 g/l. The Paliastomi Lake is an important fishery site.


Additionally to the high salinity and over-fishing, hunting as well as lacking regulation are the biggest problems, which strongly influence the situation at the lake.

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Detailed Data

 Shore line at Paliastomi Lake
 Water lilies

Project measures Paliastomi Lake

Our partner organisation is the Black Sea Eco-Academy.


The goals are

  • Introduction of sustainable development principles in the Georgian Black Sea coastal region
  • Increase of public participation in decision making process 
  • Increase of public awareness for sustainable development and environmental issues

Main activities of the association

  • Implementation of public-information campaigns, seminars, training, working meetings, expedition, exhibitions.
  • Preparation of TV-radio programs and publications on environmental issues.

Goals of the organisation concerning sustainable development and conservation of the lake

  • Development and production of information and environmental education materials in terms of values and functions of Lake Paliastomi 
  • Involvement of stakeholders in the protection and sustainable use of Kolkheti Wetlands and Lake Paliastomi, through conservation and traditional business activities
  • Encouraging the reduction of pollution and waste from all sources around Lake Paliastomi
  • Establishing and supporting a regional and national network for the dissemination and exchange of information on Lake Paliastomi
  • Grassroots development and improvement of socio-economical life conditions of the local community
  • Promoting sustainable use of resources and alternatives to fishing, hunting, woodcutting and grazing in the Lake Paliastomi area
 Environmental education
 Shore line vegetation


Partnerorganisationen Paliastomi Lake



Black Sea Eco-Academy

Ekaterine Khvedelidze

51 Rustaveli st.

Batumi, Georgia