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Uvs Lake – Mongolia


Background Uvs Lake

Uvs Lake is the largest saline lake (3,350 sq. km) in Mongolia and forms unique wetlands in the Great Lakes Depression. Its salinity varies between 3 and 35 g/l. With its reed beds and freshwater river deltas it provides significant nesting and resting areas for numerous migratory species. The shallow lake lies at an altitude of 759 m.


Uvs Lake is part of the Uvs-Nuur-Basin compassing different ecosystems. This area ranges from the permanent snowfields in the Turgen mountains over the lakes and wetlands areas up to the desert of Altan Els. The whole area measures 10,688 sq. km. The range lies at altitudes between 2,500 and 4,000 m.


Because of this geographical situation , the Uvs Lake is subject to extreme climate fluctuations. Temperatures of – 40 °C are normal in winter, also – 58 °C are measured. In summer, the basin warms and the temperatures arrive + 40 °C. Uvs Lake underlies, compared to locations of the earth at the same altitude, both the coldest and the warmest as well as the driest conditions.


In the areas of desert and mountain, rare animals as the Mongolian gerbil, the threatened snow leopard, the wild sheep as well as the Asiatic ibex. Since 1997, the Uvs-Nuur-Basin is recognised as UNESCO biosphere reserve.


At and on the Uvs Lake , more than 220 bird species are counted. Numerous rare and threatened species are among them: Black Stork, Osprey, White-tailed Eagle, Whooper Swan and Black-headed Gull. More than 100 pairs of Spoonbills breed in this region.


Project measures Lake Uvs

The Green Movement (NGO) has the following goals of the applicant concerning the sustainable development and conservation of the lake:

  • Currently there is little known about the lake and its environment. The first goal is to study and identify the pressing needs of the lake.
  • To propose proper strategies on proper management of the lake and its eco structure.
  • To assist in creating set roads and thru fares to limit the environmental damage caused by human traffic.
  • To create a data base of relevant information regarding the lakes ecosystem and it’s uses.


Overall mission and goals of the organisation:

  • To protect the ecosystem and wetlands of Uvs Lake region
  • To study and protect the habitat of the migratory birds to Uvs Lake.
  • To study the flora and fauna that are related to the Uvs Lake region.
  • To increase the awareness of the community of Uvs Aimag to the role that Uvs Lake plays in the ecosystem of Uvs Aimag and to educate on correct uses of the lake and it’s surrounding areas.
  • To create a database of the lake, including birds, habitats, flora, fauna, tourists visited, animals sited, chemical composition of the lake, and impact of human interaction on lake and environ.


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