GNF - Pantanal Wetlands / End of the Year 2020

End of the Year 2020 – We count on you!

Forest fires, storms and floods – we are increasingly feeling the effects of climate change in our projects. In addition, in 2020 we had to deal with a completely different challenge: COVID-19 caused serious organizational and financial difficulties for our project partners, as they were sometimes unable to work for months. We tried to help them in this difficult situation. Nevertheless, we also lack urgently needed funding. It is a real vicious circle and this at the expense of the environment.


In October, a call for help from our friends at Fundação Ecotrópica reached the Living Lakes Network. Illegal fires are raging in the world's largest inland wetland, the Brazilian Pantanal. Ecotrópica has set up feed and water stations as emergency aid for the endangered wildlife. Together with around 90 other environmental organizations, we have called for a ban on illegal slash-and-burn agriculture and an end to the environmentally destructive policies in an open letter of protest adressed to President Jair Bolsonaro.


Please help us with your donation so that we can continue to fight for the protection of species, sustainability and the preservation of natural paradises next year. Thank you very much!


We wish you a healthy new year.


With kind regards

Udo Gattenlöhner

Executive Director and Project Manager

 Food and water points are saving islands in the areas destroyed by fires.
 The animals hungry grab: fruit and vegetables are arranged at the feeding islands.
 The volunteers of the Fundação Ecotrópica work tirelessly.
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