GNF - Water Project in the Community Gumbi

Climate change has many consequences – In the land of the Gumbi, the lack of drinking water is a big problem.


Together with our partners from Wildlands, we have already built drinking water reservoirs and pipeline systems in the rural community of Gumbi to ensure a decentralized water supply. Now we want to start Phase II, in which we will equip even more households with water pipes and schools with dry toilets.

Phase II for the successful water project

However, there is still a lack of hygienic sanitary facilities in the schools. Pupils have to do their emergency work in open latrines, a shelter for germs and parasites that lead to gastrointestinal diseases. With dry toilets, we now want to significantly improve the situation in two schools. In addition, other households are to be provided with water connections and the existing water tanks and solar pumps must be maintained.

We need 25,000 Euro for Phase II of the water project:

70 Euro – for one water connection per household

100 Euro – for one dry toilet, including 10 toilets per school

1,400 Euro – for another water tank with filter system

2,700 Euro – for the repair of a solar pump including the connections

18,000 Euro – for an improved storage capacity of the retention tank for drying times


Please support our project in the land of the Gumbi with your donation.

GLS-Bank Bochum

IBAN: DE 53 4306 0967 8040 4160 00


Key Word: Drinking Water for Africa

Global climate change has regional impacts

Our project area, the rural community of Gumbi in South Africa, consists of three villages of the ethnic community of Gumbi. After several periods of drought, their wells dried up and 5,000 people were dependent on water supplies from tank trucks. Even the Somkhanda Nature Reserve could no longer supply water without endangering wildlife and nature tourism.

Drinking water as a long-awaited gift

In order to improve the situation, we and our partner Wildlands have installed an extensive reservoir and pipe system to distribute water from the Mkuzi River and the Jozini Reservoir to the Gumbi villages. Thus, 50,000 liters per day bubble through the pipes, supply the people with drinking water, fill the drinking troughs for the cattle and irrigate small fields and vegetable gardens.

Help from the German Bundesliga

For 10 years now, fans of the IG Roten Kurve have been collecting the reusable stadium cups at every home match of Bundesliga club Hannover 96. The stadium visitors are happy to forgo the cup deposit of 1 Euro for the campaign "Drinking cups for drinking water". This donation supports drinking water projects of the Global Nature Fund in Africa. To date, 336,264 drinking cups have been donated.

Football connects!

For the 10th anniversary of the campaign "Drinking water for drinking cups", a group of committed fans of Hannover 96 informed themselves about the effect of their voluntary commitment on site. At the end of the visit, a small joint football tournament was organised.


"The help arrives. During our visit to the Gumbi community, we experienced a lot of hospitality and experienced how much people benefit from the drinking water facilities.

Anja Kutzke, Volunteer Coordinator Drinking Cup Team

 The water tank now stores sufficient drinking water.
 Residents supply themselves with the fresh water.
 Survey of the local conditions to plan the pipeline network.
 Solar cells supply the pumps with electricity.
 Now the vegetable seedlings can be sufficiently supplied with water.
 The "Drinking Cups for Drinking Water" campaign has been supporting drinking water projects in Africa for ten years now.
 At the end of the visit, a joint football tournament was organised.
 Anja Kutzke is the honorary coordinator of the drinking cup team.

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