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Supporting and strengthening the ASOMUCARE Women's Cooperative in the Department of


ASOMUCARE (Asociación de Mujeres de Bocas del Carare) is a women's association in the municipality of Bocas del Carare, in the Colombian department of Santander. This dedicated group of 11 women, all wives of fishermen, started their work three years ago and has been legally registered as an association since 2015.


Problem description

Women and families living in rural areas are generally heavily dependent on men's income. Fishing is the main source of income for families in Bocas del Carare, and fish stocks are regulated and protected twice a year by "la veda". These were the triggers for the foundation of ASOMUCARE, the women began to organize themselves and to bring in their own abilities.


Since then, three work areas have been created: tailoring, handicrafts and gastronomy with bakery, where lunch and dinner are offered daily. The women only use local products. Meanwhile, these activities form a strong base of the community, various local festivals have already been organized and shaped. The sale of the products is an additional source of income and improves the economic situation of the families.

Aims and measures of the project

The main objectives of the project are to promote the activities of ASOMUCARE, to strengthen the organisation and to establish ASOMUCARE as a model in the region and in the country.


To achieve these goals, it is very important for the organisation to have a centre where it can carry out its activities. Equipment purchased through the proceeds of their sales require storage space and the holding of seminars, capacity building measures and workshops for other women in the region need suitable spaces. In addition, the centre should be a meeting place where women and children receive help and support at all times.


As the women's initiative is located in a very remote rural area, a vehicle (motorcycle) will greatly support the mobility of the organisation to transfer its experience to other communities in the region and to deliver its products.

 Preparing the local products in the kitchen.
 Doña Elena is fishing for the gastronomy.
 Kelly is selling bread.
 The centre built.

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October 2017 – September 2018




Fundación Humedales


Sika AG