GNF - Founders Committee

The Founders Committee


According to the charter, the founders committee has to consist of at least two people. It is made up of founding members and donors. Its responsibility is to observe the executive board of directors and to be consultant to the board of directors. If a member of the founders committee or a donor is voted into the board of directors, then the individual loses his/ her position in the founders committee for the length of his/ her time in the board of directors.

Global Nature Fund was founded in 1998 through the capital investments of  Prof. Dr. Gerhard Thielcke, Prof. Dr. Thomas Feske, Jörg Dürr-Pucher, Michael Bauer, Jürgen Resch and Karla Bauer.


Members of the Founders Committee are:

  • Michael Bauer (Chairman of the Founders Committee)
  • Jürgen Resch (Vice Chairman of the Founders Committee)


Michael Bauer was in charge of a computing agency. Jürgen Resch is director of the German Environmental Aid e.V. (Deutsche Umwelthilfe). Dr. Renate Gehring donated money to the foundation assets in 2000, she is a chemist and has passed on her voting right in the Founders Committee. The company group A. Ziemann GmbH is also a benefactor, but it has passed on its voting right in the Founders Commmittee. Having such a professionally qualified group of people in the founders committee is a great asset, as it means that expert knowledge from a variety of related backgrounds can influence the work of the Global Nature Fund.