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Notranjska Regional Park – Slovenia

The Notranjska Regional Park is located in the Municipality of Cerknica, part of South Slovenia, and measures over 222 km2. It is characterized by its well preserved natural habitats, numerous natural monuments, exquisite biodiversity, and simultaneously by its distinctive cultural landscape, which is affected by the long-term and quality fusion of man and nature. It boasts extreme ecological, biotic, and landscape diversity. This diversity of habitats has enabled the development of several terrestrial, wetland and aquatic plants and animals. These places provide the habitat for as many as three quarters of all butterfly, two thirds of all bird, and three quarters of all amphibian species in Slovenia. The Cerknica plain with the intermittent Lake Cerknica is one of Slovenia’s most important habitats for plants and animals, as it provides unique growing and development conditions.


The main purpose of the Notranjska Regional Park is to conserve natural and cultural heritage and high biotic diversity of the intermittent Lake Cerknica. Due to the above mentioned qualities, the area is under various protection levels – national and regional – requiring that the agricultural use of the area be regulated. The types and habitats are dependent mainly on the mowing of wet meadows, which are being overgrown as a consequence of the abandonment of agricultural use. The obligations of the State, the local community and the Notranjska Regional Park to meet the requirements for the protection of natural values are growing.


Notranjska Regional Park co-operates with various groups of experts. An important role is played by land owners, local organisations and societies. Local community is participating in all phases of the projects, from document preparation to the adoption of the management plan.

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 Notranjska Regional Park
 Notranjnska RP
 Notranjska Regional Park
 Notranjska Regional Park

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Notranjska Regional Park

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Contact person: Dejvid Tratnik (Geography and History Prof.)

Phone: +386 1 7093 636