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Bükk National Park – Hungary

The Bükk National Park – including the Bükk Mountains, a part of the Northern Mountain Range – was established on 1st January 1977 on an initial 38,774.6 hectares; as of today it covers 43,168.8 hectares. It is the third national park in Hungary, but the first one in a mountain area. The Bükk Mountains belong to the inner range of the Carpathians. The High Bükk is mainly an area of cavernous limestone, the slightly undulating plateau is characterised by low peaks and the typical formations of karstic surfaces (karrenfelds, dolinas, sink-holes, shafts, and caves). The rocky masses of the southern edge are particularly spectacular (the range of the Bükk Rocks). The most important feature of the vegetation, flora and fauna of the mountain is its great diversity, from subalpine element to the sub-mediterranean representatives on the southern foothills. The sump-caves take us to the rich and variegated undersurface world of karst phenomena. 45 of the 853 explored caves are strictly protected.


The Bükk National Park Directorate (BNPD) is a state institution for fulfilling nature conservation duties and tasks in its operational area. In addition to the Bükk National Park, also attends to management tasks of areas and assets under national protection of any level in three counties (9 protected landscape areas, 13 protected areas). The BNPD has also responsible for the management of Natura 2000 sites, caves, mires, springs etc. The Nature Conservation Act lists the following measures: surveys and cadasters, and all other activities aiming at the protection, conservation, maintenance, reconstruction and interpretation of protected areas.

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Bükk National Park Directorate

Sánc u. 6.

Eger, H-3304 Hungary

Contact person: András Schmotzer

Phone: +36 36 411 581; +36 30 349 57 01


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 Bükk National Park (Photo: András Schmotzer)
 Bükk National Park (Photo: András Schmotzer)
 Bükk National Park (Photo: András Schmotzer)

All Photos: András Schmotzer