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Your donation for the protection of the environment

With a donation you support the project work of the Global Nature Fund. In this way, you make a significant contribution to environmental protection and help people around the globe. Thank you very much!

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 Indische Frau - Mangroven und Garnelen (c) GATTENLOEHNER-GNF
 Probenahme am Bracciano See
 Mangroven (c) NEWS
 Elefant im Dschungel - Pixabay

Please note that for donations via credit card, the donation form should be opened via a browser that must be at least TLS 1.2 capable. Otherwise, we will unfortunately no longer be able to offer you this donation option in our online forms from 1st January 2022. Appropriate updates are available for all browsers, which will then enable micropayment credit card donations again. We thank you for your understanding.

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