GNF - Gathering of the Network Living Lakes Canada, May 2012

Living Lakes Canada (LLC) - Gathering





22 - 24 May 2012


Radisson Hotel, Winnipeg, MB, Canada


Living Lakes Canada* (LLC) recently held its first members gathering, in conjunction with the LWF Red Zone III, last week right here in Winnipeg. The consensus is that our joint efforts to broaden public understanding of the growing water crisis and how Canadians can work together to better protect their water resources, was very successful.  

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Several highlights of our two days together were Tom Axworthy''s (CEO, Gordon Fdn) moving tribute to Rick Gamble, winner of the 2011 Bajkov Award; our opening ceremonies with Shirli Ewanchuk''s prayer and recognition of territory and water ceremony; stories from our international partners emphasizing that we are not alone in trying to solve our water issues; and Minister Macintosh''s call to action to prevent government closure of ELA. 


Links to reports (Water Canada) on our recent LLC/RZIII events, with photos:


Video interviews related to ELA closure:


Anyone wishing to write to Diane Orihel with regard to the Coalition to Save ELA, please email her at: 

Ask for a copy of the petition that you can circulate and send to Mr. Harper. 

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LWF thanks all of you who participated in our meetings and water celebration, and welcomes your feedback.  If you have any questions please don''t hesitate to contact us.


Catherine Salki

LLC/RZIII Organizing Committee

Phone: 1.204.275-6733

Mobile: 1.204.227-8785


Save ELA (Experimental Lakes Area)


Canada’s scientific and environmental community received a huge blow with news that the Government of Canada plans to shut down the ELA.