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The food supply for flower-visiting insects, in particular honeybees and bees, becomes increasingly scarce  also around Lake Constance. During the so called “summer slump”, the long summer gap between June and October, the supply of nectar and pollen has declined over the past years.

In addition to the lack of food sources, the loss of habitat and the exposure of chemicals threaten the population of many insect species. Many areas are used more intensively, where in former times fallow land or mixed fruit orchards characterised the landscape.


Project goals

Primary goal is the bee and insect friendly farming and maintenance of areas. Project partners include farmers and nature conservation groups and also communities, businesses, beekeepers, garden owners and specialised administrations. In 2009, the Network Blooming Lake Constance was founded, to ensure networking, information, education and consultation of the partners.


Project implementation

Since the foundation of the network, 65 acres have been cultivated bee- and insect-friendly, among them  new flowering areas, but also the care and maintenance of already existing  hedges and meadows. Meanwhile the network consists of 39 members actively involved in the implementation of the project measures.

An exhibition and some brochures (in German language) were produced in the context of this  project.

 Logo Netzwerk Bühender Bodensee
 Hotel for insects
 Exhibition about the region Lake Constance
 Blooming areas at the Island Reichenau, Lake Constance
 Information board about the new flowering areas

Project Duration:


Project Countries:




Project Partner:

March 2009 – February 2012


Germany, Switzerland and Austria


Reckitt Benckiser and others