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Strengthening of the communal structures in Colombia



Since 2000 Laguna de Fúquene has been a partner lake in the Living Lakes network, and is represented by the organisation Fundación Humedales. For years, the discharge of untreated waste water and nutrient load into the lagoon has polluted the lagoon seriously leading to massive growth of water hyacinth. Huge carpets cover large areas of the lake surface thus reducing the open water areas.


In 2009 already, within the pilot project “Living Fences”, at Laguna de Fúquene a greenhouse was built to grow native seedlings to be planted at the edges of fields and pastures. These newly greened areas have already attracted birds and small animal species. Biological fertilizer produced from water plants from Laguna de Fuquene has already been used for nursing the young plants. 

Project Targets

  • Improvement in marketing of the organic fertilizer produced by the Association of Fishermen and Artisans of Fúquene Lake – Los Fundadores.
  • Improvement in marketing and promotion of handicrafts produced by the same Association of Fishermen and Artisans of Fúquene Lake – Los Fundadores – such as the JuncoArts products
  • Improvement in the production and marketing of native tree species, which are grown in the Fundación Humedale’s greenhouse. 

Project implementation

Marketing improvement of the organic fertilizer

A flyer providing all important details on the product was published to improve the marketing of the organic fertilizer. The Fundación Humedales’ website provides information on the product as well. In a next step, the members of the organisation have produced 10 tons of bio-fertilizer and packed it in one-kilo bags. A list of greenhouses in Bogotá and in the surrounding area was compiled. Finally, 90 % of the greenhouse owners were contacted and informed about the organic fertilizer. The product was very well received by the clients and first interested gardeners bought some kilogrammes of the bio-fertilizer. In future, some more small gardeners will be contacted, and Fundación Humedales has already developed a relevant promotion and commercialization strategy.

Improvement in the handicraft production and marketing

A workshop was hold to show the craftspeople new weaving techniques to increase their product diversity and demonstrate possibilities to correct mistakes.

The participation in the Colombian Arts and Crafts Fair Expoartesanías de Colombia in December 2010 was very important for the promotion of the products. Representatives of the Organisation Los Fundadores took part and explained the products to the visitors to the fair.

Also on the spot a lot has been done to draw the attention to the craftspeople shop. So a banner was fixed, labels were attached to the products and the display in- and outside the shop improved. 

Meanwhile, 50 arts and crafts products per month are being produced and offered in the shop.

Improvement in the production and marketing of native tree plants

To increase the production of native tree plants the equipment of the existing green house has been improved – soil, plastic bags, a pair of scales and organic fertilizer were bought. Additionally, the compost area was enlarged to 24 sq. m. and the tree nursery was extended to 24 sq. m as well. Around the greenhouse, Fundación Humedales staff planted a small demonstration forest with twelve different native species. In total 2.500 alder trees and 1.500 different tree species such as laurel tree in Fúquene and Carmen de Carupa were planted. Fundación was actively supported by schoolboys and girls from the schools in Fúquene and Capellania.

This project was supported by Sika AG.


For more information on the Laguna de Fúquene, please visit our web site.

 Laguna de Fúquene

Laguna de Fúquene was

"Threatened Lake of the Year 2011".

 Living Fences
 Seedlings in the tree nursery
 Packaging of the bio-fertilizer
 Handcraft shop in Fúquene
 Handcraft products
 Expansion of the tree nursery

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Strengthening of the communal structures in the catchment of Laguna de Fúquene in Colombia
in the fields of bio fertilizer and handicraft production as well as equipment of a greenhouse

2009 – 2011




Sika AG


Fundación Humedales