GNF - Living Fences at Laguna de Fuquéne

Living Fences at Laguna de Fúquene in Columbia



The pilot project “Living Fences at Laguna de Fúquene” supports the landscape conservation in Columbia. First of all, the production zones (agriculture and animal husbandry) located at a slope and in a valley around Laguna de Fúquene should be involved. The living fences should enhance the quality of the soil, should produce wood for the sustainable use as well as offer habitats for plants and animals. 


The living fences consist of native tree species, which are partly threatened with extinction.

Since the year 2000, Laguna de Fúquene has been a partner lake in the Living Lakes network. It is  represented by the organisation Fundación Humedales.

Project implementation

The partner organisation Fundación Humedales coordinates all project measures in cooperation with the farmers in situ.Biological fertilizer plays a central role in sowing and planting of the native trees. This biological fertilizer is extracted from water plants of Laguna de Fúquene.


Oxygen consuming water plants, which partly grow like weeds  were removed from the lagoon and afterwards added as biological fertilizer to the seedlings of the living fences. The elimination of the rampant plants adds significantly to the enhancement of the water quality in the lagoon, because  the content of dissolved oxygen in the water increases.

 Living Fences
 Polylepis Species
 Plants in a tree nursery.
 Living Fences

Photos: Fundación Humedales


Future prospects

The living fences should create connections between isolated forest areas and support the biodiversity and the reforestation of native forests. The established project areas could be extended in the whole area around Laguna de Fúquene. The farmers and ranchers gain a better soil quality, because the biological fertilizer increases the balance of nutritive substances. The climatic balance is improved by the hedges and the natural control of plagues, such as vermin, would be enhanced. Through the reforestation of native trees  and the use of biological fertilizer, the ecological awareness of the farmers should be increased.


This project was supported by the Deutsche Umwelthilfe and Rapunzel Naturkost from resources of Hand in Hand-Fund as well as by Sika AG.

Further information about Laguna de Fúquene you find on a separate page on our website.

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Project Duration:


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2009 – 2010




Deutsche Umwelthilfe and Rapunzel Naturkost from resources of Hand in Hand-Fund as well as Sika AG