GNF - Mangrove Reforestation in Sri Lanka

Mangrove Reforestation at six Lakes in Sri Lanka



Mangroves are unique habitats providing habitat for a large number of different creatures, salt and freshwater species as well as marine and terrestrial organisms. Their dense root systems provide not only a barrier against flood waves but can retain sludge and sediments. Many fish species use these areas as spawning grounds. Additionally, the mangrove leaves, fruits and barks contain many substances that are used by the traditional medicine.

50 % of world’s mangrove forests have been destroyed irrecoverably in the past 10 years through deforestation, abuse and exploitation - with negative impacts on fishery and the protection against catastrophic flooding events.

 Mangroves at the shore
 Mangrove seedlings in a nursery

Since December 2005, in the framework of the three year Post Tsunami project, the Global Nature Fund has encouraged and supported reforestation of mangrove forests together with the two local partner organisations. In 21 newly established tree nurseries, over 100,000 mangrove seedlings were grown, and in total 50 hectares reforested. The project areas were located at the lakes Madampe, Maduganga and Bolgoda on the south west coast of Sri Lanka.


Project Implementation

Also after termination of the EU funded three year project the mangrove reforestation measures are being continued and the project area was extended to the three lakes Maella, Malal and Lungamwehera. Other tree nurseries will be established and mangrove seedlings cultivated by the local people. Environmental education programmes will be set up to train the locals accordingly.

The Nagenahiru Foundation is contributing significantly to the implementation of the project measures in the six project areas. They have a long experience in mangrove restoration projects, community development as well as in the establishment of healing gardens. The Foundation, together with the Global Nature Fund, has successfully carried out the Post Tsunami Project at the lakes Madampe and Maduganga.



The local population will be sustainably protected against flood disasters. The whole eco-system will be improved through the preservation and expansion of mangrove forests. This is of great importance for the fishermen and their families as well as for the biodiversity of  the region. Two big and 10 small tree nurseries will be created, in total 15,000 seedlings will be raised. The project goal is to plant a total of 10 hectares of mangrove forest.

This project is supported by the Foundation Ursula Merz and by TUI/Futouris.

Project Workshop

The workshop under the title "Protection of diverse Mangrove Forests and Promotion of Energy Saving Lamps in Sri Lanka" took place from 13 to 17 June 2010 in Ambalangoda at the Maduganga and Madampe Wetlands, Sri Lanka.


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