GNF - Presentations of the Workshop

Presentations of the Workshop:

Sustainable Wetland Management - Protection of diverse Mangrove Forests and Promotion of Energy Saving Lamps in

Sri Lanka


13 - 17 June 2010


Ambalangoda at the Maduganga & Madampe Wetlands, Sri Lanka

 Water plant species

14 June 2010


Session 1: Sustainable Use, Value and Protection of Mangrove Ecosystems

Mangrove Protection Strategies

Jim Enright, Asia Coordinator, Mangrove Action Project, Thailand


Dr. Vedharajan Balaji, Organization for Marine Conservation, Awareness and Research, India


Ecosystem Services of Mangrove Forests

Suranjan Fernando and Bhathiya Kekulandala, Center for Applied Biodiversity Research and Education, Sri Lanka


Mangrove Rehabilitation Approaches in Sri Lanka

Dr. Ranjith Mahindapala, Country Director IUCN, Sri Lanka


Mangrove Restoration at Maduganga & Madampe Lake, Sri Lanka

Lal Emmanuel, Nagenahiru Foundation, Sri Lanka


Session 2: Loss of Mangroves, Problems, Experiences and Solutions from South-East Asia

Mangrove Restoration Projects at Lake Pulicat, India

Mrs. Premanjali Rao, CReNIEO, India


Experiences from Lake Songkla, Thailand

Dr. Noparat Bamroongrugsa, Marine and Coastal ResourceInstitute, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand


Case Study Tonle-Sap, Cambodia

Om Savath, Fisheries Action Coalition Team, Cambodia


Parallel Workshops: Solutions and Best Practice Examples

Workshop 1: Eco-Tourism Development in Sri Lanka

Ravi de Silva, Aitken Spence, Sri Lanka


Workshop 2: Renewable Energy Technologies

Prospects for Renewable Energy Technologies in Sri Lanka

Chamila Jayasekera, Head (Energy Efficient Systems), Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, Ministry of Power & Energy


15 June 2010


Session 4: Wetland Ecotourism

Basil Schur, Green Skills, Australia


The Conference was supported by:

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 Water Lily
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