GNF - Kids for Birds

"Kids for Birds - Young people protect Birds"

A project for the protection of birds in lake regions and alluvial areas in Baden-Wuerttemberg

The goal of the project was to inform children and young people living in the Lake Constance region of the importance of intact nature and to involve them in practical conservation of indigenous birds. 


With an attractive programme school boys and girls between 6 and 15 years became fascinated with watching native birds and interested in their protection. Furthermore, the project provided teaching staff and children and youth group leaders ideas for alternative teaching subjects. The project lasted from autumn 2005 to the end of the year 2006.

This project was simultaneously carried out also in lake regions of the new EU accession countries Estonia (Lake Vörtsjarv) and Poland (Milicz Ponds) thus allowing the pupils of the different countries to exchange their experiences and gain insight into the culture and tradition of other European countries.

Project goal

  • The children learned how to identify and count birds.
  • They experienced nature and became informed of the occurring species in lake regions and alluvial areas.
  • They learned – in theory and practice – how to protect birds.
  • The pupils exchanged their experiences with birds and nature with young people of the same age in Baden-Wuerttemberg and the two new accession countries Estonia and Poland.
  • Teachers as well as children and youth leaders were trained as tutors for "Kids for Birds" groups.

Target group

Children and young people from the Lake Constance region as well as lake regions of Estonia and Poland from 6 to 15 years participated in the project. Additionally to school classes children and youth groups (of BUND – Friends of the Earth – parochial groups, children and youth associations) were invited to take part in this initiative.


The Global Nature Fund (GNF) co-ordinated the project in co-operation with the BUND and two nature organisations of Eastern Europe (Estonian Fund for Nature and ProNatura Poland). 



Teachers as well as children and youth group leaders were trained in the methodical realisation. Global Nature Fund and the local project leaders compiled teaching material, also in the national languages. Introductive seminaries and direct contact to teachers and group leaders guaranteed well-founded knowledge transfer.


Project Focalpoints

  • Information on the specific habits of the native birds with focus on bird watching excursions. 
  • Organisation of a "bird celebration" event.
  • Bird protection activities with children e.g. manufacturing of nest boxes.
  • A "bird competition" with award ceremony in the respective region.
  • Exchange of experience with children from the different countries via internet chat.


At the end of the project a handbook was published providing technical and didactic hints and for teachers and group leaders which will allow the transfer of the Kids for Birds project to other regions.


This project was supported by Stiftung Naturschutzfonds (Conservation Fund) using earmarked Glücksspirale lottery profits. 

Additionally the project was awarded a grant from "Aktion Mensch" (Action Man) within the scope of Aktion 5000 x Zukunft.