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Project Objectives

  • Promotion of sustainable development in rural areas in the Pribaikalski region at Lake Baikal
  • Training of the local population in the organisation of tourism services
  • Establishment of framework conditions for the realisation of measures to raise the environmental awareness of tourists and reduction of waste on the shores of Lake Baikal


Das Pribaikalski nature reserve is located about 100 km northwest of Ulan Ude and is part of the Republik of Buryatia. The landscape is characterised by numerous rivers, lakes, marshes and forests and still consists of largely untouched countryside.


Die Pribaikalski region is sparsely populated. The local people are mainly dependent on the timber industry for their livelihood. The forests consist of spruce, fir, pine, mountain pine, and pruce pine as well as deciduous trees such as birch and aspen trees. On the one hand it is necessary to ensure species protection and preservation through ecological landscaping, on the other hand sustainable use of the natural forest resources should be encouraged.


Support in handling the increasing number of tourists

Due to the expansion of the planned Lake Baikal harbour in the special economic zone at the eastern shore, the number of tourists in the Pribaikalski region will increase as well. The project is intended to create together with the local population opportunities to reduce the impacts of increasing numbers of tourists by appropriate measures e.g. in the area of waste prevention and waste collection. Both natives and tourists have to be made aware of the value of the unique ecosystem.


Project Partner

Since 1999 the partner organisation Club Firn has represented Lake Baikal in the international network Living Lakes. Since then Club Firn  has been working together with the Global Nature Fund (GNF) to protect the unique Baikal seal and to promote sustainable tourism in the region.

 Hking trail over wetlands at Lake Baikal
 "Wild" tourism at the shoreline of Lake Baikal
 Hiking trail over peat areas at Lake Baikal
 "Wild" waste deposit at the shoreline of Lake Baikal

Project Duration:


Project Country:


Project Partner:



October 2012 – September 2013


Lake Baikal, Russia


Club Firn