GNF - Biodiversity

Biodiversity - Knowledge Pool


IUCN Library System (September 2016)

Policy matters: certification and biodiversity: how voluntary certification standards impact biodiversity and human livelihoods

Policy Matters - Issue 21 (4.4 MB)

European Commission (February 2015)

LIFE and freshwater fish (4.7 MB)

Larry Halverson (CIJV - The Canadian Intermountain Joint Venture, Canada), 2004

Working together to maintain, enhance, restore and manage habitat for the benefit of wildlife and people in the Canadian Intermountain.


Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF)

Species and People: Linked Futures

A report, with case studies, on the contribution of wildlife conservation to rural livelihoods and the Millennium Development Goals


W. M. Adams (Professor of Conservation and Development, Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, UK), 2006

IUCN Paper "The Future of Sustainability"


Greater St Lucia Wetland Park Authority, June 2006

A Handbook on the rare, threatened and endemic Species of the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park