GNF - Legal Protection and Lake Management

Legal Protection and Lake Management - Knowledge Pool


Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) & Ramsar Secretariat, 2013

"The Economics of Biodiversity and Ecosystems for Water and Wetlands“

Living Lakes Network

Jos G. Timmerman, Sindre Langaas and Heinz Gerd Schröder

The role and use of environmental information in European transboundary river basin management


Internationale Gewässerschutzkommission für den Bodensee (igkb), 2009

Renaturieungsleitfaden Bodenseeufer (in German, with English Summary)


Dr. José de Anda, Guadalajara (Mexico), 2007

Lago de Chapala: Environmental Services of the Lake and World Lake Vision Principles


Regional District of East Kootenay, Wildsight (November 2005)

2005 Windermere Lake Water Quality Monitoring - Program and Literature Review


ILEC; 2005

Managing Lakes and their Basins for Sustainable Use

“Managing Lakes and their Basins for Sustainable Use” (2005) is a report by ILEC for lake basin managers and stakeholder with case studies from various Living Lakes.

It is available under =>Lake Basin Management Initiative

German I. Andrade (Fundación Hunedales, Colombia), 2005

Linking Community Human Development with Lake Conservation. Fundación Humedales Involvement in Lake Fúquene, Colombia.


Murat Çevik (WWF, Turkey), 2005

Uluabat Lake Managemant Plan


Graeme Matthews, Edward L. Hill (BC Hydro Water Use Planning Program), 2004

Balancing Water Use


Jim Mattison, Michele-Lee Moore (Land and Water B. C. Inc., Canada), 2004

Water Governance in the Columbia River Basin


Darcy Monchak (Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management Golden B.C., Canada), 2004

Recreational Planning in the East Kootenays of B.C., Canada


Jennifer Moore (Environmental Conservation Service, Canada), 2004

Water Governance in Canada: Concepts, Approaches and Opportunities


Other Resources

Grüne Liga and European Environmental Bureau (EEB), October 2012 

The EEB´s main Priorities on the Safeguard Europe´s Water Resources

UN Watercourses Convention User''s Guide (August 2012)

International Water Association IWA (December 2011)

Use of Macrophytes in Water Pollution Control


NIWA Taihoro Nukurangi (June 2011)

Guideline for the use of horizontal subsurface-flow constructed wetlands in on-site treatment of household wastewaters


SWITCH Training Kit, 2011

Integrated Urban Water Management in the City of the Future

For urban water management decision makers and practitioners

Download data available under:

UNEP, 2006

Africa´s Lakes Atlas of our changing Environment

This Atlas was produced by UNEP in 2006. It contrasts spectacular satellite images of the past few decades with contemporary ones. Case studies on Africa’s changing lakes include Lake Chad and Lake Victoria.

Download available under:

Ramsar Secretariat

New Edition of Ramsar Handbooks

The Ramsar Secretariat has prepared a series of handbooks for the wise use of wetlands to assist those with an interest in, or directly involved with, implementation of the Convention on Wetlands at the international, regional, national, subnational or local levels. The handbooks are available in three languages (English, French, and Spanish).


Arbeitsgruppe Bodenseeufer (AGBU)

Expertise Lake Shore (2004)

General Framework for a Professional Evaluation System for Lakeshore Conservation and Water Body Protection, using Lake Constance as an Example