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Quilting for Lakes - Water for the World


The 2nd international Block Swap (IBS2) supports the international Living Lakes Network.


The “Quilt around the World” movement had a wonderful idea this summer. The organizers for the international Quilt and Patchwork community in Munich collected € 1,000 of registration fees from one competition and donated it to the GNF’s “Living Lakes” water conservation project.


The “Water for the World" themed competition drew participants between 11 and 80 years of age from all over the globe. A lot of beautiful work came out of their efforts.



Jutta Hufnagel

Quilt around the World GmbH

Groß-Nabas-Str. 3

D - 81827 München, Germany

Phone: +49 171 486 00 34

 Seaside, Derry Godden, UK
 Wasserquilt PAN, Freilandschule Austria
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